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Good News

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2020-4-30 Good News!!

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  • Suelte el:2020-04-30
Good news!!
   Thanks to our partners who have been paying attention to us. Your support has always been our driving force.
   At present, the global epidemic situation is beginning to be gradually controlled, but the current form is still grim. Every day, new cases worldwide are still increasing. People ’s awareness of prevention still needs to be strengthened, even if they are cured in developed countries. Cases, but according to relevant medical cases in China, the new coronavirus will cause irreversible damage to the human body, and there is even sufficient evidence that male patients with the new coronavirus may cause sexual function decline due to sequelae.
   We are grateful to the medical staff who are struggling on the front line. Without their efforts and sacrifices, we may have no resistance to the virus. As the world's largest industrial manufacturing country, China has always contributed its own strength in epidemic prevention work. Continuous supply of epidemic prevention materials, and as a member of the country and a part of the people of the world, as a community of human destiny, CWC has contributed their due power in this epidemic prevention work.
As of April 30, CWC has provided various countries with a total of more than 110w of masks, including medical masks and civilian masks. The qualifications and quality are in line with the import needs of various European countries.
   In order to make a greater contribution, we have made some actions since May to make the exit channel of the mask more stable and on time.
   At present, the control measures in various countries are becoming stricter, but the number of new cases has not stopped increasing in various countries. Although the current growth rate is gradually slowing down, this is because people's awareness of protection and measures are gradually increasing. According to reasonable speculation, it takes at least two months to completely control the virus. If you need more masks, please contact us, our sales specialist will provide you with the most satisfactory service and satisfactory products.

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