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What is COVID-19?

What is COVID-19? Coronavirus is a general term for a large class of viruses. Coronavirus can cause patients to have different symptoms from common co...

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What is COVID-19?

  • Autor:Silence
  • Suelte el:2020-04-01
What is COVID-19?
Coronavirus is a general term for a large class of viruses. Coronavirus can cause patients to have different symptoms from common cold to severe lung infection. In COVID, CO stands for coronavirus, VI stands for virus, D stands for disesse, and 19 stands for 2019.

How can you kill a new coronavirus?

According to reliable experimental data, it is known that the new coronavirus will be killed for 30 minutes at an environmental temperature of 56 degrees Celsius equivalent to 132.8 degrees Fahrenheit, because the protein shell will take some time to lose its activity. So if we count on the hot weather to kill this virus, it's completely impossible.
Once a person is infected with this virus, we ca n’t expect to use the body temperature to kill the virus. If our own body temperature is maintained at 132.8 degrees Fahrenheit for more than 30 minutes, this means that we may be familiar.

We have to understand the problem, 75% alcohol can kill the virus, and 95% alcohol cannot kill the virus.
Why is this happening?
The reason why 95% alcohol is not effective in killing the new coronavirus: The shell of the new coronavirus is composed of protein, which encloses the genetic material nucleic acid. If the alcohol concentration is too high, such as 95%, the protein on the surface of the bacteria will quickly solidify (the higher the concentration The faster it solidifies) and forms a protective film, it cannot destroy the genetic material nucleic acid inside, and the virus is still alive. And 75% of alcohol will gradually dissolve the virus's protein shell and enter the virus, denaturing its genetic material nucleic acid and losing its activity, thereby killing the virus.

Lipid solvents such as chlorine-containing disinfectants, peracetic acid, and chloroform can effectively kill the virus, but please note that please do not use chlorine-containing disinfectants in a large indoor situation, because chlorine-containing disinfectants are harmful to people. There is damage to the respiratory tract. If disinfection is necessary, ventilate the room immediately after disinfection is complete, and make sure that people do not stay indoors and wait until the irritating odor disappears before entering. Be careful not to spray the disinfectant directly on your body.

How can we prevent new coronaviruses?

Cut off the transmission route (such as wearing a mask):
All infectious diseases are transmitted to other individuals through transmission routes. At present, the most convenient and effective way is to wear a mask, whether you are a carrier or a sick person or a healthy person, you need to wear a mask. This is an effective way to pass the China epidemic test.


Reliable studies have shown that neocoronavirus can survive up to 3 hours in the air after atomization, and can survive up to 3 days on the surface of plastics and some objects. This means that as long as you stay in a virus-intensive place, you may be infected by the virus even without direct contact.
Wearing N95 masks can effectively filter out viruses in the air and greatly reduce your risk of infection.
So if you are a healthy person, you need to wear a mask.
Patients and carriers wear masks because they need to isolate the source of infection, prevent the virus from being transmitted to the air, and reduce the presence of the virus in the air.
Also, pay attention to the correct removal method of the mask. When removing the mask, do not touch the surface of the mask with your hands, only remove the earrings with your hands, and then throw away.
Wash your hands frequently with hand sanitizer. Under normal circumstances, the new coronavirus cannot survive in tap water, but tap water may contain other virus bacteria. Washing hands with hand sanitizer is a very effective measure, which can basically kill most viruses and bacteria. Disposable hand sanitizer is also a very good choice, but it should be noted that the concentration of alcohol in the disposable sanitizer should not be too high, 75% is a very reasonable choice.

Hope these suggestions will help you, Wish all readers good health

As of 7:11 on the 29th Beijing time, 660,706 confirmed cases of new coronary pneumonia worldwide, and over 30,000 deaths, reached 30,652.

Come on, Earth! !!

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