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CWC 14th Anniversary

  • Auteur:Silence
  • Relâchez le:2020-08-13
CWC 14th Anniversary

On August 12, 2020, Shenzhen CWC Technology Co., Ltd. celebrated his 14th birthday. This is a technological innovation company with long-term experience in designing and processing customized electronic products. In the first half of the year, even in the case of a severe global epidemic and a great economic recession, we still maintained the growth of company performance.

On the basis of the original gift customers, we have added and developed many retail customers, and we have created our own retail department. Of course, we are still exploring and forward, hoping that more partners can join our business and work together Grow and develop together.

Looking back on this 14th anniversary, we have grown from a team of several people to a team of dozens of people and opened our own factory. Among them, some of our former colleagues left. Unfortunately, they did not follow us to the end. During this long period of time, we have also absorbed fresh blood to join us. We continue to improve our shortcomings and adapt to the market. Continuously iterating its own products, from the original only U disk single product, to now can provide wire, wireless charging, mobile power, Bluetooth speakers, TWS headsets and some electronic related epidemic prevention materials.

We are constantly adapting to the needs of the market and the development of the times. We firmly believe in our own ideas and constantly improve our capabilities, striving to provide our customers and partners with the highest quality services and products.

We look forward to more partners joining our business.