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Decision on developing new products

Decision on developing new products

Silence 2020-08-20 10:51:33
As the market changes, there is continuous iterative demand for various products. In order not to lag behind the market demand, we need to do more for our business partners.
We are ready to develop a new product line. Since the iPhone 12 flagship product does not have a charging head, the charging head needs to be purchased separately. In order to meet this demand, we have developed a charging head that meets the PD charging protocol of the IPHONE12 charging requirements. And support multi-faceted product customization needs, whether it is a completely customized product shape, semi-customized shape, or light customization, we can meet your needs.

In addition, we have also developed other types of new products. Waiting for the appearance of the renderings, we will push them to our partners as soon as possible.

We will share our novel and interesting products in real time, and hope that we can grow together.