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If you want to see some PVC branded electronic gadget, we are one of the right supplier.
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About us

  China World Connection (HK) Co., Ltd.


When you’re arriving this page, we know you and us will get along, you’re the same type as we are, the type that make researches and look into every details, in short: the patient type. Now here let us share the story bit by bit.


Company history

We are a electronic promotional products supplier, started in 2006 with Regular USB drives for German market, with our German partners were able to act quick for any project our client asks, in 2009 we added custom shape usb flash drives along with sophiscated 3D designers into the office, 2012 we brought battery cell supplier for power banks and aging and testing device, 2014 we joined force with charging cable sub-supplier. 2016 we added Bluetooth speaker and wireless chargers and lanyard charging cable in 2017. Every step we involve with market and ensured our focus goes to design, function, material and cost, so the products we produce can be the powerful gadgets for your presentation.



Our concept-Meet needs, create value

When we took off in 2006, we had no intentions to be the biggest. We wanted it to be everlasting by focusing on clients needs. After 12 years practising business, we are given the chance to working with the electronic suppliers across Europe and US, we learned to appreciate everything from life especially our clients, we help achieve our clients proposals with our expertise in manufacturing, we provide job opportunity for motivated employees, and we grow with our sub suppliers and most importantly with promotional industry.


Our work:

What we do: artwork design, packaging, production, delivery, support for clients development.


Our procedure:

Idea to artwork: 1 business day

Artwork to sample: 3-5 business days

Sample confirmation: after sample created, 1 days for digital photos, 3-5 business days for physical products

Production: 8-15 business days

Delivery: 3-5 business days



USB Flash Drive: CE, RoHS, FCC, Reach

Charging cable: CE, RoHS, FCC, Reach, EMC, MFI

Power bank: CE, RoHS, FCC, Reach, WEEE, MSDS, UN38.3

Speaker: CE, RoHS, FCC, Reach, WEEE, BQB

Wireless charger: CE, RoHS, FCC, Reach,QI

We welcome all kinds of external inspection services.


Social responsibility:

We have been a BSCI member since 2014, We bear the environment  sustainability in mind and practicing on every procedure from artwork to production, and we also make sure the duty spread along within our reach.To make a responsibility the reality, we break it down into daily operations: All products apply to local importing standards and comes with corresponding labels; all samples and backup products are kept for future use, all electricity and water are cut off when employees leaving the working area, the list goes on. We encourage this saving and protecting awareness continues.


Contact us

Now you’ve been patient enough going through this page, and you also had a general idea of what we do, but what's the real services and products like? Will it meet your standards and your expectations? You can’t really tell just from a website, until you tried a conversation/meeting with us, it's more a personal experience coming from where you and your company stand, try the service and products yourself by opening one of our contact emails,  talk to a sales rep and see what’ve done and what can be created together.


We looking forward to your email.


Shenzhen CWC Technology L td,.

HM Blue Ltd,.



All product displayed here are custom shape, if you would like to inquire standard models concerning this category, talk to our sales rep and more product list will be on the way.