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Custom design multi usb cable

  • Author:Emma
  • Release on:2019-06-10

With our custom charging cables,your devices will run out battery as our cables are reliable,durable and multi-functional,allowing more devices to charge at the same time.

1.6 in 1 usb charging cable

No matter what device, the 6-in-1 charging cable will keep you powered! Featuring 5 charging cables and a USB cable,include a 8-pin, 30-pin, Mini USB, USB and two Micro USB connectors. You will be able to charge a wide variety of devices. The 6-in-1 comes in both black and white, but can also have pantone matched cables to incorporate any brand colours.

The 6 in 1 cable can be branded on both the front and back which makes this product the perfect business gift!

2.Lenny lanyard charging cable 3 in 1 / 2 in 1

Lenny Lanyard meets charging cable. Wear this nylon lanyard with your entrance pass, keys or business card and take it off to use it to charge your devices. The cable has a standard USB connector and a 2-in-1 connector that offers connection for both Micro USB and Lightning.

3. Keychain all in one usb cable

Fashionable and easy to use key chain charging and data cable for iPhone (8-pin) or Android (Micro USB. No more forgetting cables when your key chain is a charging cable in itself. Sturdy ring allows for several keys to be attached.

4. Retractable 2 in 1 usb cable

Branded 2 in 1 retractable usb charger cables.This 2 in 1 automatic retractable usb cable consists of a Type c and micro usb adaptor, for IOS and android devices.

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