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Brand authorization

  • Author:Iris Lee
  • Release on:2018-10-22

Brand authorization

Promotional products are branded products, when taking sea shipping for importing, weather its through your own freight forwarder or ours, we will both need BRAND AUTHORIZATION to pass Chinese customs. So what will we need?

Just one proof issued by the brand registerer in China, most brands have their own IP in China , if we need the authorization proof, all we need is an authorization proof from the brand who requires these goods.

Once we have that, we will need to hand it to the Chinese brand register, most of the register are law firms, so how do we find that Chinese law firm representing the brand, by putting the brand name on this website: http://www.haiguanbeian.com/zscq/search/jsp/vBrandSearchIndex.jsp, you will see if this brand is registered in China customs system, by clicking details of the results showed, you will find the name of the Chinese law firm.

When you had the contact of the brand register in China, hand them the brand authorization copy you get earlier, they will verify with the headquater of the brand and see if this is valid or not. If yes, they will operate in the Chinese customs system and add your manufactuer info and customs broker info in the system. When they are done, ask for a screenshot for records, if neccessary send one copy to your freight forwarder.

Follow these steps, your shipment will be passing customs without any stuck on brand authorization.

If you have any other questions regarding brand authorization, feel free to reach out.