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Design of this month: Wallet charger

  • Author:Iris Lee
  • Release on:2018-08-24

Ever had problems bringing too much when travelling? All kind of cables, power banks, wallet is must. Its a good thing if we bring the weight with us. While losing one of these could cause trouble.

A wallet charger would help, by its look, you see a wallet, the leather one like you carry daily, to put your changes, credit cards, when you open it up, you will find a fixed cable inside, at the base, it works as power bank, when your phone runs low battery, just put your cell phone near the wallet,  it will start charging, capacity 5000mAh, 3 hours to get your phone charged up.

Therere 3 connectors inside actually, you can switch to any one, when you have 2 cell phones or more, you dont have to bring 2-3 cables with you. Travel compact!

Sometimes when people borrowing your power bank, you probably wouldnt want to open up the wallet for everyone, so you can just place the phone over the top, the wireless charging function will be working! Yes it doesnt need a cable plugged in, it works just by leaving it there. Save the energy and save the time!

We are releasing the wallet charger this Oct, and it has been a hot item during and after the HK fairs, the colors available are Black, Brown, Red. With this combination, you dont need to carry too much weight.

Now widely used for corporate gifts and company incentives gifts. Book a sample now and make your client surprised!

Getting good feedback during the HK show.