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Review The Development Process Of CWC

  • Author:Silence
  • Release on:2020-04-21

  We are a supplier of electronic promotional products located in Shenzhen. We have been involved in consumer electronics business since 2006. Initially, we provided conventional USB drives in the German market, and on this basis, we began to develop and grow. Thanks to our dear German guests for their previous support to our CWC company.
  With the passage of time, by 2009, as our customers continue to increase, different regions, different guests, cultural customs and holidays make them more and more demand for product customization, so we are in the office Formed our custom design team to provide design services for customers in various regions and countries for free. This move also makes the development direction of the entire company more and more clear, that is, specializing in customized consumer electronics products.
  With the increasing demand of customers and the increasing demand for categories, the customers who need customization have stricter requirements on the performance of our products. In 2012, we added customizable battery categories and Strict QC supervision department, and the introduction of professional testing equipment.
  The market has been changing. In 2014, we reached cooperation with charging cable suppliers and jointly developed customized charging cables and other customizable products, and achieved strong market response. We were able to further expand.
  When the time came in 2016, we were not satisfied with the original product line. We added Bluetooth wireless speakers, and provided professional customized services for this, products of various shapes and sizes. Different brands, including PepsiCo, Shiseido and other famous brands.
  In 2017, with the maturity of wireless charging technology, we started the production line of wireless chargers and provided free 3D design services for this purpose.
  Today, we have included 5 major product lines, USB flash drives, cables, power banks, wireless chargers, and Bluetooth speakers. And also opened the TWS earphone product line in line with the trend of consumer electronics products, of course, there are corresponding services available for customization.
  14 years of operation and production experience have given us rich inspiration and excellent collaborators. Again, we would like to thank all our past guests again, thank you for your support, and thank you for your strict requirements.
We will provide you with satisfactory service and excellent products as always.

                                                        Silence from CWC