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CWC leaving for Electronic show and Mega show this Oct

  • Author:Iris Lee
  • Release on:2018-10-22

CWC leaving for Electronic show and Mega show this Oct

By estimated 83,000 visitors are visiting Electronics fair and Mega show every year, its the first choice for trading/distribution companies meeting their old supplier and sourcing new style. CWC, the leading electronic promotional gifts supplier, would not miss this chance meeting old and new partners, will join these two biggest events under the name of HM Blue Ltd.

previous pictures from electronics fair

Before leaving for Hong Kong, the sales team started the preparation work as early as Aug 20. Catalogue, name card, poster, samples, backup samples. All items taken to the show are under strict selection, as what we show is what you will remember.

Among all these suppliers, why should I visit your booth?

I assume you are reading this becuase you have electronic products in your line, thats why.

Our products range covers from usb flash drive,to chagring cable, wireless charger, wireless speaker and power bank, here you will find not only basics ones like wooden type, but also have the latest custom design, working with the strongest companies in Europe gives us fresh showcases every year. New year, new idea, new product. When you show these products to your clients, they'll be convinced.

If you can only recommend one feature, what will it be?

As said above, we try to bring new cases every year. But this year, we will target retail & distribution companies, we have had experiences getting to know the biggest retail brand and working with them. We would like to take full advantage on our design and PVC craft to meet the high standard and expection from retail customer. The display will include the design on products and packages. No worries if youre representing promotion company, we will still be displaying our promotion items, at the same time you can also take a look at our factors for retail.

Below is an image of invitation

Looking forward to see you there and have a delightful trip.